Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup



Please take time to read and understand these rules.

  • The Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup is aimed at riders with a good level of skill/ fitness. NOT AT NOVICE LEVEL!! Riders will encounter various trail types in all conditions and cover approximately 18km for the main race or 12km for the Challenger category.
  • Details of the stages will not be made known before each round.
  • Stages are mainly downhill but can have up to 20% climbing or flat sections.
  • With the exception of the trail centres, any trail used for these events is on informal trails so please respect the land owners and do not ride on the trail before or after the event.
  • You are considered a travelling marshal so please stop if a rider needs assistance then contact a marshal or phone the emergency contact number that will be provided if medical attention is required.
  • Car parking and camping is provided at each venue, there may be a charge. More details will be available on our social media pages and competitor email closer to the event.
  • Each round is limited to 350 riders on a first come first served basis.
  • Entries can be taken on the day if spaces are available.
  • Medals will be awarded to the top 3 in each category at each round.
  • Trophies & prizes for top 3 overall in each category will be awarded at the end of the series.
  • A prize purse of £600 per round will be awarded if there are over 200 entries only. Its winner takes all. Overall men and women receive £100 and all other categories battle it out for £50.
  • Challenger riders do not receive any cash prizes or points for the series. Focus is all on fun and taking part. You will get a medal to prove your valor!
  • Youth (12-13) will receive series points but no prize money.
  • Youth (12-13) riders must wear full face helmets, back protection, knee pads and gloves during practice and racing.
  • If a rider is not present at the podium their cash prize is forfeit. Please be sporting and if you had a good day on your bike check the results and stay for the podium. If you do have to rush of medals/trophies can be collected at the next round but it’s your responsibility.
  • Details on the start order will become available before each round.
  • Please respect the locals and landowners, take your rubbish home or place in bins provided and follow the principles of ‘Leave No Trace’.
  • An enduro style bike with 130-160mm of travel and single crown forks is best suited to the stages and trails you will be racing on. There will be a hardtail specific category although you do not have to ride in this category if you are racing a hardtail.
  • Practice bans may be put in place before any race.

Foul or abusive language aimed the event team will not be tolerated. Such action will result with a penalty. If a stage has to be cancelled for any reason all stage times will be void.

The Challenger category will race on a shorter lap with less stages. Some stages may be modified or have different starts than the main race to make it easier to ride. Some stages may also be the same as the main race. Like the main race course details will not be released until the weekend of each race. There will be no podium and no series points as the focus is on fun and taking part.



0930-1300 – Registration
1000-1600 – Practice


0900-1100 – Registration
0930 – E-bike, Challenger & Youth (12-13)
1000 – Main Race
1230 – Overall men
1600 – Podiums

Rules & regulations

  • Riders must make their way unassisted to each stage during practice and racing.
  • Riders must be self sufficient at all times. Tactical assistance such as spare goggles, food and jackets etc received from an outside party is deemed as an unfair advantage and will be penalised.
  • In the interest of the environment the use of tear offs and food/ bottle stashing is prohibited and will be penalised.
  • There are 4 rounds in the series. Each round carries equal points. For overall series positions it will be all rounds that count.
  • Point system:
    Position=”1″ Score=”60, Position=”2″ Score=”50″, Position=”3″ Score=”45″
    Position=”4″ Score=”40″, Position=”5″ Score=”36″, Position=”6″ Score=”32″
    Position=”7″ Score=”28″, Position=”8″ Score=”26″, Position=”9″ Score=”24″
    Position=”10″ Score=”22″, Position=”11″ Score=”20″, Position=”12″ Score=”19″
    Position=”13″ Score=”18″, Position=”14″ Score=”17″, Position=”15″ Score=”16″
    Position=”16″ Score=”15″, Position=”17″ Score=”14″, Position=”18″ Score=”13″
    Position=”19″ Score=”12″, Position=”20″ Score=”11″, Position=”21″ Score=”10″
    Position=”22″ Score=”9″, Position=”23″ Score=”8″, Position=”24″ Score=”7″
    Position=”25″ Score=”6″, Position=”26″ Score=”5″, Position=”27″ Score=”4″
    Position=”28″ Score=”3″, Position=”29″ Score=”2″, Position=”30″ Score=”1″
  • In the event of a tie the rider with the fastest last stage or previous fastest stage will be awarded the better position.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the series, the rider with the better time at the last round will be awarded the better position. If there is still a tie then the stages will be broken down working backwards until a faster time has been found.
  • Each round will have up to 6 stages with stage times ranging from 2-7 mins for the fastest times.
  • Transitions (climbs) are not timed. Please be aware that there is a time limit to complete the circuit  but plenty of time will be allowed, so chill and enjoy!!
  • Each stage must be completed in ascending order starting at stage 1
  • If a rider accidentally exits a stage they must re-enter at the point they went out and make every effort to restore the tape.
  • Your overall time is calculated by adding all your stage times together plus time penalties (if any!). This will give you a position for your category.
  • You have only 1 chance to complete a stage. Once started make your way on the designated trail to the finish. If you have a mechanical or crash you will not be allowed to start again. If you decide to retire from the race please complete the stage if possible and make your way safely to the finish area where you must hand in your timing chip and inform the race director that you are pulling out of the race.
  • Riders must follow the designated trail that will be clearly marked start and finish for each stage. The trail will be taped in areas but not necessarily from top to bottom. If in doubt you must follow the established trail. Moving rocks, branches etc to clear lines will not be tolerated.  A high degree of sportsmanship  is expected from each rider and severe penalties will be awarded at the race directors discretion. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
  • If you discover any short cuts, tape missing, dangerous objects or anything you feel should be known please report this to the ‘rider rep’ or ‘race organisers’.




  • When you arrive to the start of a stage take your time and start when you are ready.
  • If a queue is beginning to form you will be instructed by a marshal to start promptly, this is to help with the overall flow of the event so riders do not have to wait.
  • Riders will start approximately every 20 seconds. If you feel you need more time, inform the start marshal but please consider other riders behind you.
  • If you are caught by a faster rider on a stage please pull in at a safe place and let them past.
  • If you catch a slower rider on a stage please give them plenty of time to react by giving a clear audible warning such as ‘On your left’ if you are passing on the left.
  • You must stay on the designated trail that is described on your map in the competitor pack. This rules applies to both transitions and stages. Penalties apply.
  • If you stop to help an injured rider you may be able to repeat the stage. You must complete the stage, inform a marshal what has happened and get permission from the race director before making your way unassisted to the start of the stage.
  • Riders must start at the ‘Start’ sign. No rolling starts. Penalties apply


Registration & licence

  • Upon entering you agree to the rules.
  • Upon arrival at each event please sign on to receive your number board and goodie bag. Please keep in mind times for registration. You will not be allowed to practice or race without a number board.
  • A number board will be allocated to each rider for every race in the series.  It is your responsibility to look after it!
  • Accidentally damaged number boards will be replaced at no cost but must be produced as evidence.
  • A number board must not be cut or modified in any way. The race director has the right to replace it at a fee of £5.
  • A Cycling Ireland licence (or equivalent) must be produced at registration.
  • If you have applied for your licence and not yet received it, an email or print out will be accepted.
  • If a licence or evidence is not produced competitors must purchase a ‘One day Licence’ at a cost of £18.



Only licence holders may report an offence against a competitor but must do so in writing, accompanied by the Cycling Ireland fee for the lodgement of a complaint €25 / £25, within 30 mins of the final rider finishing. It will be the responsibility of the Event Organiser to ensure the reported offence is investigated in a fair and proper manner. The Event Organiser may do this alone or enlist the aid of other competent persons who do not have a proven conflict of interest in the outcome of the investigation. If the complaint is upheld then a penalty may be applied in accordance with the following table of penalties. In the event that the reported offence is not deemed to be frivolous then the fee may be returned. The outcome of any investigation must be advised to the rider prior to the medal presentations.

Penalty no Description 1st offence 2nd offence
1 Changing bike or major part of bike 5 min penalty  
2 Not wearing, strap not buckled or removal of helmet 5 min penalty Disqualification
3 Failure to adhere to practice bans 5 min penalty  
4 Outside assistance e.g. receiving food, clean goggles etc 5 min penalty  
5 Use of uplifts 5 min penalty  
6 Track cutting 5 min penalty  
7 Exceeding time limit 1 sec penalty for every minute over limit  
8 Rolling start 1 min penalty  
9 Missing cut off time DNF  
10 Failure to carry mandatory kit 5 min penalty  
11 Not displaying or modifying number board 5 min penalty  
12 Foul or abusive language towards race officials Disqualification  
13 Failure to obey marshal’s instructions Disqualification  
14 Interference of the track layout by removal of rocks, branches etc 5 min penalty  
15 Food,drink, equipment stashing 5 min penalty  
16 Using tear offs 1 min penalty  
17 No horse play in Race village, parking areas. Warning 5 min penalty


  1. Youth (12 to 13 years old) – minimum age 12 on the practice day for each event – no prize money
  2. Junior (14 to 16 years old) – minimum age 14 on the 31st December each year
  3. Under 21 (17-20 years old)
  4. Senior (21 to 29 years old)
  5. Master A (30 to 34 years old)
  6. Master B (35 to 39 years old)
  7. Veteran (40 to 49 years old)
  8. Super Veteran (50+)
  9. Women (14+)
  10. Challenger (Men and Women, 14+) – no prize money and no series points
  11. Hardtail men (21+)
  12. E-bike (19+) – no prize money and no series points
  • The race director has the right to move a rider to a different category if they feel their ability does not match the category they entered. Every effort will be made to contact the rider before this is done.
  • To calculate your age category subtract the year you were born from the year of the event. Eg if you were born in 1977 and the event was in 2015, you would be classed as 38 and you could enter Masters B.
  • If a rider changes category during the season any points accumulated will not be carried to another category


Bikes & equipment

  • Riders are not allowed to change their bike, forks and wheels during an event. Penalties will be applied at the organiser’s discretion. The use of stickers may be enforced.
  • Different bikes are allowed for each separate round.
  • It is the riders responsibility to ensure their bike is in sound mechanical order. Random inspections will be carried out.
  • The race director has the right to deny further involvement in the event to a rider,  if their bike is deemed unsafe for use. No refund will be granted.
  • Please ensure brakes, bar plugs, wheels, suspension and a sound running bike before coming to the event.
  • In the event of a mechanical it is the responsibility of the rider to carry out any work required after they start. It is highly recommended to carry any spare equipment and if a rider returns to the pits no extra time will be given.
  • A helmet must be worn and fastened correctly at all times and meet current safety regulations. Including timed stages and transitions.
  • Body armour inc. gloves, knee, elbow, shoulder, back protection are highly recommended.
  • Highly recommended kit: back pack, energy gels, 1 litre water per hour of exercise, spare hanger, jacket,  pump & tube, Allen keys/ multi tool, appropriate clothing, mobile phone, first aid kit (inc 1 field dressing min), survival bag, food and drinks.
  • No electronically or mechanically assisted motors are permitted.

E-bike Category:

  • An E-Mountain Bike is a bike operated with two energy sources, human pedal power and an electric engine, which only provides assistance when the rider is pedalling.
  • E-Mountain bike events must be organised in accordance with the following bike standards: – Engine of maximum 250watts – Engine assistance up to 25km/h –
  • Pedalling assistance only, although a start-up assistance not exceeding 6km/h without pedalling is allowed.
  • Medals will be awarded.
  • No series points will be awarded
  • Riders can only use the battery in place on their bike and cannot carry an additional battery during the competition. Penalty Disqualification.
  • Riders must ride the full lap including all stages of the main Enduro race.
  • Your bike may be checked at any point during the race. If it does not comply with current regulations you will be withdrawn from the race immediately and disqualified.
  • Only E-bike competitors can ride E-bikes during practice. Penalties apply.


  • An electronic timing chip/ wrist band is allocated to each competitor at the start of the race on Sunday.
  • A £20 deposit is required upon registration for your timing chip. If this is not paid you cannot race and no refund will be issued.
  • If the timing chip is lost, damaged, stolen or you do not hand it back you will lose your deposit and a further £30 charge will be issued. If this is not paid before the next round you will be unable to race and all entry fees will be non refundable until it is paid.
  • You must wear this chip at all times throughout the race and hand it back to the timing team when finished to receive your time. Your deposit will then be refunded.
  • If for any reason you retire during the race, you are still required to hand in your chip immediately. This is an essential safety requirement and failure to do so could result in an unnecessary search by rescue organisations.
  • At the start and finish of each stage a timing box will be taped off and sign posted. When you are ready to start,  ride through the timing box and your time will start automatically, at the end ride through the finish box and your time will stop. You do not need to do anything. Please DO NOT go into these areas for any other reason. A marshal will be there to assist.



  • Substitutions are allowed up until the online entry is closed before each event.
  • You cannot transfer an entry to another round or next year.
  • Entries are non refundable 2 weeks before each round without an original doctor’s note.
  • Entries are non refundable 1 week before each round.
  • A £10 admin fee will be charged for any refunds



The Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup is held under Cycling Ireland regulations. Competitors must be a member of Cycling Ireland (or equivalent) and hold a full race licence or purchase a one day licence at the event to take part. The Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup organisers or land owners shall not be held liable in any way for loss, damage or accidents that may occur during official practice or competition on the same track before or after the event.


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